Máquina 1

.Electronic selector of high production

.Hopper (product deposit) with capacity of 60 tons.

.Sifter for precleaning with a capacity of 200 bags/hour, equipped with box of flow and turbine for dust aspersion.

.Extractor of stones and lumps, equipped with turbines for the extraction of the dust.

.Air column with double polisher, triple aspiration by turbine and system of colum to classification equipped with two ventilators each one (excellent separation of types of cereals, vegetables).

.Selecting densimetric table with tapes of metal mesh.

.Silo of storage of the processed product, with a capacity of 16 tons.

.Balance for grain packing that unifies the processes for the obtaining of weight and pocketed.

.Machine to sew industrialist with transporting tape.

.Electronic elevator of bags, with capacity of 80kg.